Compassion, community, and creativity feel like buoys that we all need to help us stay afloat in these uniquely strange and challenging times. We quietly released our fourth album on Tuesday March 3rd, as planned. We have done little to promote this, as our collective focus has been on banding together and rebuilding in the wake of the tornado, and now weathering a different kind of storm brought on by COVID-19.

Every year, we donate all album proceeds to a different non-profit organization in our community. This year we are supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee who are playing an even more crucial roll in the lives of families that have been disrupted by natural disaster and pandemic.

We hope you'll take a listen and consider buying our album to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters. If you missed the previous three albums, check those out too. Maybe one of those songs is exactly what you are needing to hear right now. The cover art by Andy Grogan and Juliana Daily features a modified version of the classic WXNA rooftop sign in downtown Nashville.

This year’s album features folks from MZA, Zeitgeist Gallery, and EMC Structural Engineers, P.C