For more than a decade, The Nashville Food Project has brought community members together to grow, prepare, and distribute food to people who need it. Their work is an inspiring illustration of how a community of people can come together to look out for each other, and we were pleased to volunteer with them recently, by helping to prepare a few dishes, including meatloaf that was being delivered to furloughed TSA workers.

The organization accepts food donations from grocery stores and restaurants, as well as from community and private gardens. Meals are prepared and distributed by staff and volunteers who also deliver them to locations in and around Nashville. You may have seen their community garden on Wedgewood Avenue (next to Smokin' Thighs), and the organization is in the process of aquiring land to start another off-site garden that will increase the food they are able to produce on their own.

(Left to Right in the photo above: Kristen Newton, Juliana Daily, Nelle Blevins, Matt McKeever, Ana Smetana, and Brad Province)