We're recording our third album!

Collaborations can happen in so many ways. We work with artists, craftspeople, developers, and many other creative and industrious folks on our projects. Starting in 2017, we decided to take some time to collaborate with each other by writing and recording an album in the month of February.

The RPM Challenge is a national event in which musicians are challenged to make the most of the year's shortest month by creating an album's worth of new material. This is our third year participating, and it's always fun and satisfying. We've written metal songs, country, pop, you name it. This year is no different: we brought in a choir director, Joy Baker, to help us rehearse and record a choral piece written by MZA's Lesley Beeman and Juliana Daily!

We only have until the end of the month, and there's lots to finish. So, back to work. We'll provide an update on the flip side!