The mural featured in the photo above may be the least known major piece of public art in Nashville.

The 4-story, 300' long composition was created by local artist Bryce McCloud, in collaboration with MZA's Nelle Blevins, and you can find it on the rear side of The Chelsea in Nashville's 12 South neighborhood.

"As we were developing the design for The Chelsea, it struck us that although the front façade along 12th Avenue South was articulated and visually interesting, site constraints had resulted in a long flat rear façade facing the residential part of the neighborhood," said Blevins. "We approached our client, James Lennon of The Mainland Companies, about commissioning a piece of public art from Bryce and were thrilled to be met with enthusiasm for the idea."

Bryce’s sketches evolved around ideas of cloud-like motion to reference the surrounding sky. "We worked back and forth over several months, taking his design from concept sketch to a digitized “plank-by-number” mural comprised of conventional building materials (in this case, standard lengths and colors of Hardie Plank siding) that could be easily installed by the crew onsite," said Blevins.