A few years ago, we formed a band.

It might have been the guitars that kept showing up in the office or the rhythmic tapping coming from Lesley’s desk (he was taking drum lessons), but in 2016, we figured out that we had a few musicians among us. So, it was only a matter of time before we started writing and recording music together.

Our initial inspiration was the RPM Challenge, a yearly nationwide competition to write and record an album’s worth of songs during February. Since we’re used to working under a deadline, the challenge was the perfect match for us: endless ways to be creative but only 28 days to do it. We’ve cranked out three albums since then, making us more prolific than Joy Division, The Modern Lovers, and Amy Winehouse!

“It’s such a great experience to participate in the RPM challenge,” said MZA’s Scott Harootyan. “Collaborating and creating something outside of our day-to-day architecture and design world has been fun and challenging. On top of that, we’ve been able to raise money for some amazing local organizations.”

This year, we’re pleased to be donating all proceeds from album sales to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee. You’re likely familiar with the work they do and the direct, immediate impact their programs have on the children and families they serve. We’re excited to be able to help their efforts. Between now and the end of April, sales from all our albums will go toward their programs.

If you want to hear our music and make a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can download our previous albums now and grab the new one when we release it March 1. Check them out on our bandcamp page.

We’ve set-up an Instagram account for our extracurricular activities and hope you will follow our progress on the album. Check it out here.

Mark Bixler, Lesley Beeman, Matt McKeever, and Scott Harootyan record vocals for our 2019 album. Top of page: Juliana Daily, Brad Province, and Beeman record in the gallery in 2017.