Vadis Turner transforms domestic materials into new forms. She manipulates textiles and other elements, allowing them to transcend their intended functions, contradict their structural natures and betray their traditional gender association. Resisting categorization, the works occupy spaces between textile, painting, craft and sculpture.

In Window Treatments, Turner explores structural and expressive possibilities of the grid and how it can relate to the wall. Considering the internal and external landscape of the home, she re-directs used curtains, bedding, driveway gravel and copper into a series of feisty and conductive windows.

As a Current Art Fund / Tri-Star Arts grantee, Turner has collaborated with Emery Dobyns on sound and with Mike Kluge and Jonny Kingsbury on lighting to produce a visual experience that can be seen from the street after business hours. Projection mapping and lighting rouse the works at night. Sonic landscapes of hissing and crackling, created in tandem with certain works, will be audible within and outside of the gallery twenty-four hours a day.