New exhibits at Zeitgeist open September 3:


SKULLCAP by David Piñeros

Photographer David Piñeros dives into a noir community on the outskirts of Nashville, portraying the characters that he encounters in black-&-white. Post-punk photographs depicting a queer and dystopian side of the city.

His work uses elements from street photography and portraiture. The frames are not staged but rather a product of coincidence and access to the community. This allows him to make intimate almost psychological captures of this subculture. Taken mostly at night, the portraits feel grimy and ominous.

His upcoming zine ‘Skullcap’ debuts a series of 20 photographs from this project and launches at Zeitgeist with an accompanying exhibition of 10 pieces.


DARK HUMOR by Alena Mehić

From Alena Mehić: Drawing from the post-socialist landscape of and attitudes about the former Yugoslavia, I analyze collective memory politics and the archive. I create in-between spaces, concentrating on objects, architectural features, political photographs, and embroidered words to mimic the geographic and political placement of a departed country. Dissecting the dissonance between national attitudes as well as personal feelings of displacement, the images and historical design in my pieces memorialize a long-gone environment and reflect upon contemporary disillusionment. Ultimately, as a study of absence, aesthetic markers, and political relics, my practice focuses on the transformation of national memory.

The shows run through September 24.