We did it again! Our new album, Afterhours, is out now!

If you always wanted to hear Lesley weave a tale about seamonsters, we have that. Need a song about eating chips that Matt sings in a British accent? We have that too.

Have you wondered if we'll ever have another ordinary day after a year in Nashville that was bookended by a tornado and a bomb? Yeah, us too. 2020 was a challenge, but, we got through, learned a lot about what's important to us, and managed to keep our sense of humor. Coming together again to record this album lifted our spirits, and we hope it will lift yours as well.

All proceeds from sales between now and the end of April are being donated to Gideon’s Army, a Nashville-based, grassroots organization focused on youth empowerment and resilience, dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline, and building foundations for lifelong success. We will be highlighting more of their story and incredible work throughout March on our social media.

As always, big shout out to our collaborators at Zeitgeist and Dan Borsos (EMC Structural Engineers). We started the month with nothing, and 28 days later, we have Afterhours!