We finished! This is our sixth year to participate in the RPM Challenge as a team. Every year we write and record an album's worth of songs entirely in the month of February. It has become one of our most beloved extracurricular ways of being creative together as an office. It is madness! And we love it!

Nearly every member of the MZA and Zeitgeist team collaborates and contributes to the finished project, which benefits Buchanan Arts, a community-based program dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality arts education to students of all ages, abilities and income levels in the heart of North Nashville.

As a team, we push to create and to move ourselves as architects, thoughtful community members, and quality humans–far beyond the office walls. We can’t wait to share more with you in the upcoming weeks as we promote our album and raise funds for this vital community arts initiative. We have lots of other fun things related to this project coming up, but for now, take a listen, and please consider buying our album in support of Buchanan Arts.

This year's album also featured Dan Borsos from EMC Engineering, and we welcomed Kate Richi from our neighbors over at Dozen Bakery!