We are collaborating with EOA on a 310-unit, mixed-use development right next door to our office. The project, Standard Assembly, will include residential and commercial spaces with a variety of outdoor amenities, including a green space between two buildings, an outdoor dog park, and a maker yard.

"Standard Assembly offered a unique opportunity to give new life to an industrial site in our rapidly developing neighborhood," said MZA's Scott Harootyan. "We are collaborating with EOA to create a design that embraces its unique industrial character."

The design process was largely guided by the industrial, artistic and community-driven qualities of the developing area and incorporates those concepts into many aspects of the design, most prominently in the maker courtyard and dedicated workshop; the ‘living alley’ that celebrates the hidden paths and exploration of the neighborhood art crawls; the live/work units and flexible commercial spaces along the public streets and alley; and the adaptive reuse of the existing truck repair shop as a new retail/restaurant space.

"The material palate for the project was driven largely by the design team’s exploration and experience of the neighborhood on street level, culminating in studies that showcased its wide range of textures, materials, and uses," said Harootyan. "Ultimately, Standard Assembly integrates itself in the fabric and character of the neighborhood – grit, artistry, and social exploration – that make Wedgewood Houston such an enticing place to live, work and explore."