Ending the year on a high note!

We recently won an AIA Middle Tennessee Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Merit Award for our KIPP Antioch College Prep project. Congratulations to MZA's Ethan Levine and Ana Smetana and everyone else who made this project a success! Check out more photos here.

The jury wrote, "From the intial concept sketch to the choice of descriptive photos, it was easy to imagine what this "village of learning" might be to experience and enjoy... the jury admired most the composition of forms, the selection and skillfull detailing of industrial materials, [and] the use of color, graphics, and daylighting. The recognition and response to the scale of the users throughout made the school even better."

Big thanks to EMC Structural Engineers, P.C, Brand ID, Design Light Nashville, Heibert+Ball Land Design, Barge Cauthen & Associates, Inc., C.O. Christian, Quest Engineering, and DF Chase.