Levi Morales, Abraham Lara, and Sebastian Lara present, “Keep Dreaming.”

From the artis: "This exhibition is a collection of t-shirts, paintings, posters, animation, and sculptures that have mainly been up-cycled. This body of work is a cry and a prayer for a better future in the world. It’s an ode to seeing potential in what we currently have.

The Pandemic gave us time to rest, reflect, and reassess our curiosities. Seeing the positive effect the shutdown had on our planet, we pivoted into a different creative process. Reusing discarded material and giving it a second life. It challenged us creatively but we learned that trusting our inner knowing would guide us in the right direction.

As a collective of creative individuals who are actively and passionately working towards a sense of purpose on this earth - we wanted to bring something that speaks beyond the surface.  “Keep Dreaming”  is our hopeful response to all creatives in difficult times."

Read a Zeitgeist interview with the artists here. The exhibit runs through August 27.