Zeitgeist is gearing up for the upcoming show which opens on Saturday, December 2nd. It’s a double-header this month with two outstanding artists:

Andrew O’Brien – “Drift Alignment”
Patrick DeGuira – “Down Pressed Sunshine”

“Drift Alignment” is an ongoing body of work that engages the complex and contested history of the US-Mexico border through the practices of astrophotography and celestial navigation. The series engages both the material and ideological conditions that led to the formation of the border, as well as its lasting relationship with colonialism, and the tragic consequences of immigration enforcement.

“Down Pressed Sunshine” explores ideas and symbols found in non-Christian mythologies that were/are designed to help situate humanity’s place in relation to the nonhuman world. This work explores what it means to “see”; ways in which deep looking, observing the world around us, is essential to human nature.