Works by Chalet Comellas are featured in the new gallery exhibit at Zeitgeist.

Can I See Like a Planet? is an installation-based exhibition that features multiple interdisciplinary works made in collaboration with Mark Baker, Kelli Shay Hix, and Clint Sleeper. Together, these works connect cyclical systems of the planet with algorithmic computations and other forms of non-human intelligence. Each piece expresses and simultaneously critiques our newly forming relationship with artificial intelligence by abstractly referencing machine learning in both formal and conceptual frameworks. Ideas embedded in these time-based works allow the viewer to reflect on extensions of technology and the ways machines can help us interpret natural phenomena, thereby shifting our human perception of time. The collection of works in this exhibition - paintings, sculptures, video, and sound - are mediated through elements of chance, randomness, and indeterminate marks that operate in collaboration with code-based systems and work together as a cohesive installation within the gallery.