As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we're featuring a different partner every few weeks. Up this week: Brad Province.

Originally from East Tennessee, Brad earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tennessee in 2006. Over the past ten years, in a wide range of offices, Brad has worked on projects as large as the Music City Center and as small as holiday cards. He is licensed in Tennessee and is an AIA member and National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) certified. As a guest juror at Watkins College of Art, Brad enjoys the opportunity to dovetail the art and architecture worlds. From reviewing academic projects to award scholarships to working on professional projects that bolster Nashville’s artist communities, Brad finds inspiration on both sides of the equation.

1. Where is your favorite place to eat in Nashville?

City House was my first true love upon moving to Nashville.  I love everything about it – very cool, unassuming space with a fantastic staff, bar and of course kitchen. Tandy Wilson and his pastry chef at the time blew me away with simple food prepare with simple ingredients in a way that is both attractive and accessible. 

Since living here for the past 13 years, I have become a victim of and completely infatuated with hot chicken!  Pepperfire was/is my fav and I can’t wait for their return – nudge, nudge!

2. Did you ever have a nickname?

Beev – I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver

3. Do you collect anything?

I collect music! CDs specifically, because I’m a 80’s/90’s kid!  I love all formats and everything I can get my hands on – digging through used bins or finding new music, it’s pretty much my favorite past time. 

4. Favorite film?

Hard one!  The opening scene of Fellini’s 8 ½ is somehow always a part of my subconscious – I really love the surreal nature of the film and how it has created a dream like awareness in me ever since seeing it almost 20 years ago. 

BUT! I have to say, one of favorite movies ever is Earnest Goes to Camp.  Know what I mean, Vern!? 

Other favs right off the bat:  early Jim Jarmusch – Stanger than Paradise, Dead Man, Down by Law.  I love the stillness and have Jarmusch uses time and space to convey beauty and humor all at once. 

Early Wes Anderson – I love Bottle Rocket – I love the adventure and innocence. 

5. What is something that you’re really passionate about?

Again, I would have to say music.  My grandfather was the band director for Georgetown University and had Bill Clinton in his band.  My grandfather’s career hit right when marching band was coming into popularity – he helped propelled the genre by creating unique new drills such as circles and by founding a band camp that is still in use today in Orkney Springs, VA.  My great grandmother sold organs in VA and played with the Statler Brothers from time to time.  My great grandmother also had a dance band that featured my grandfather on trombone and vocals – that combo yielded parody versions of classics like The Girl from Ipanema turned The Girl with Emphysema.  My other set of grandparents had an organ club which met every month to jam on organs, pianos and keyboards all set up in their music room – all the time.  Both of parents were active musicians in their youth – my dad a drummer and my mom a flutist.  I guess you can say it’s just in my blood and I grew up pretty well submerged in music.  Some of my greatest memories from childhood are driving around with my parents listening to the local radio station – Daddy O Don Gibson! 

6. If you weren’t in the architecture business, what would you be doing?

Probably Starving!  Trying to be in a successful band. 

I have a romantic notion about owning a small café and bar – maybe one day!

7. What current or past musical group do you wish you were a part of?

Two bands instantly come to mind – Pixies from the late 80’s and Godspeed You Black Emperor.

Pixies was the first band that made me consider forming a tribute band.  I love the energy and songwriting of the early Pixies records – such a great release!  Godspeed was the first band I heard that made me realize music can be as spatial or more than architecture – this would go on to drive my entire college career and thesis. 

8. Who are your architectural influences?

Godspeed You Black Emperor, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Louis Armstrong ( Music )

Aldo Rossi, Richard Meier, Romare Bearden, John Sanders, Brandon Pace, Massimo Vignelli, Corlo Castaneda, Louis Kahn, Piranesi, Nolli, Corb and Palladio 

9. What are five adjectives to describe you?

Twin, Kind, Loyal, Compassionate, Willing

10. What is something surprising that you’re good at?

Cleaning!  I’m OCD.