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Zeitgiest Gallery 516 Hagan Street

Zeitgeist galley, opened by Manuel and Janice Zeitlin in April, 1994, moved from Cummins Station to Hillsboro Village in May of 1999. The gallery, which is also home to Manuel Zeitlin Architects,  features changing exhibits of contemporary artwork by established artists and introductory shows for emerging younger artists.

By sharing space with the Zeitgeist gallery, MZA reinforces their commitment to rethinking the workplace. The bright, open, loft-like space blurs the distinction between office and gallery.

In April 2013, the Gallery relocated to the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood in Nashville. This
auspicious area of the city is home to a diverse collection of artist studios, businesses, schools, churches and residences, and is one of several inner‐city neighborhoods that have quickly morphed from the fringe to the mainstream. The new location, a former automobile workshop, continues Manuel Zeitlin Architects’ interest in creatively adapting existing urban spaces to ensure future functionality.

Photos by Nick McGinn