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Washington Square Park Brownstone

This townhouse renovation consisted of two individual projects: the restoration of the building's facade as directed by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, and the combination of the 3rd and 4th floors of the building into an owner’s duplex.The facade project repaired all of the brownstone cement facing the street, as well as rebuilding the front stoop, cleaning and repointing the masonry, repairing all damaged ironwork, replacing the street-side windows and trim at the upper four floors, and installing a new canopy for the ground floor restaurant.

The interior renovation gutted and rebuilt the top two levels of the building, connecting them with an internal stair. The upper floor was conceived of as the "sleeping" level, complete with 2 bedrooms, a family room, bathroom and laundry/dressing room. The floor below was opened up full-depth as a living level allowing views both to the street and the rear garden from within, and encompassing living room, kitchen and dining room spaces, as well as a mudroom/entry/storage zone and second bathroom. The existing heart-pine floors were salvaged and reused and the original fireplaces and surrounds were refinished and left in-tact, leaving a remnant of bucolic authenticity to counter the urban modern interior. The building’s common monumental stair and entry vestibule were also rehabbed with new finishes and lighting.