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The Fairlane Hotel

Located in downtown Nashville, TN at the corner of 4th Avenue and Union Street, the Fairlane Hotel is an 81-room boutique hotel repurposed from a mid-century bank building.

The design team, which included Reunion Goods and Services, worked to preserve and highlight the original modernist architecture and design details, harking back to the 1960s and 70s. The hotel’s style accentuates the architecture of the building, and its classic look does not exist among Nashville’s current hotel options. MZA worked closely with a local sign maker to create bold skyline signage that complements the original architecture and defines the building and hotel brand to the city. The lobby restaurant conveys a feeling of activity, energy, and appeal to both hotel guest and locals. The 4th floor features a full floor lounge that will serve as a bar in the evening. Surrounded on three sides by an outdoor terrace, the space is a dynamic four season party space. The two rooftop penthouses with outdoor terrace space offer unmatched views of Music City.