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Tennessee Association of Realtors Headquarters

Besides the striking exterior materials and geometries, the building is notable for its environmentally conscious features which include: geothermal air conditioning, bioswale surface water retention and filtering, pervious concrete paving, water and power use reduction features, natural lighting, and recycled, recyclable and low-VOC interior finishes. While we are not currently pursuing LEED certification, we used LEED strategies to design a sustainable building. The owners may apply for certification at a later date.

While bold, the building’s exterior material palette is limited. Arriscraft verde colored, engineer-sized concrete bricks define a simply modeled, nicely textured building base that anchors expansive swaths of high-performance glass at the main level.  Zalmag galvanized metal shingles and metal panels by Millennium Tiles clad an upper level that hovers a floor above the base. These very modern materials have an old-world feel that accentuates the building’s contemporary geometry and are carefully used in a vocabulary that defines the way the geometries float over, slide past and are locked into one another.

The basement level houses back-of-house and building systems, the main level is offices for the day-to-day operation of the Association, and the second floor is a conference center for the Association's educational programs. A large, glass enclosed executive boardroom occupies the north end of the main level. In the future the raked roofs to the south will extend over the north end’s flat roof to create a third floor with an open roof garden and dramatic views to downtown Nashville.

We worked closely with the Metro Planning Department and Design Studio to design a site plan that addresses the long-term plans for the neighborhood. By taking advantage of contextual street setbacks, facing the building on 19th Ave. and placing it close to the street we are helping to define an urban scale for an area that is rapidly developing. However, the sloping roofs, mostly masonry face and deep side yard to the south address the residential scale at that end of Adelicia Street.