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Sony/BGM Headquarters

When MZA first became involved in the renovation of the Little Sisters of the Poor site it contained a tired structure overgrown with weeds adjoined by 19 units of poorly maintained housing. The main building was on its last legs as a nursing home. The housing, built in the 60’s and 70’s, was out of scale with the adjacent urban neighborhood.

Today the site contains 80,000 square feet of fully renovated original buildings used as offices for a BMG, a fully landscaped site featuring an entry court off 18th Avenue South, a 200 car parking structure designed to be compatible with both the historic structures and the neighborhood and six units of housing reconfigured to fit with the scale of the neighborhood.

This project demonstrates that the high tech requirements of a corporate giant like BMG can be accommodated in a historical structure without having to result to demolition and new construction. Manuel Zeitlin Architects won a Metro Historical Commission award for the design.