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Pinewood Social

After completion of their ground breaking restaurant, the Catbird Seat, Strategic Hospitality commissioned MZA and Reunion Good and Services to develop a “third space”; a social environment for people to meet outside of home and work that cultivates hospitality and creates community. The result is Pinewood Social. A social gathering place that accommodates the client’s needs morning, noon and night; a comfortable place to work with a cup of coffee in the morning, a casual lunch with a co-worker, a place to meet friends for cocktails and dinner, a place to play and relax on the bocce ball courts, bowling alleys, private karaoke rooms or by the pool.

Pinewood Social is housed in the historic trolley barns which are listed the National Register of Historic Places. MZA worked closely with the Metropolitan Historical Commission and the National Register of Historic Places to maintain the historical context of the trolley barns while providing the client the 21st century sensibilities required for a successful project.