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Nashville Holocaust Memorial

Built on land donated by the Gordon Jewish Community Center and designed by Manuel Zeitlin Architects, the Nashville Holocaust Memorial is intended to be a living memorial, a place where remembering and showing respect for the past intermingles with developing an understanding and commitment towards creating a humane future.

The center of the memorial contains a Sculpture by Alex Limor consisting of a "Ner Tamid", an eternal light, resting before a book with torn and missing pages symbolizing the lost individuals of the European Jewish Community.  This is surrounded by 17 Seats of Honor in tribute to Nashville's Survivor community.

The design for the memorial celebrates the lives of the survivors who moved to Nashville, listing their places of origin along with personal tributes to their loved ones that were lost. The overriding message is that this wasn't an abstract event that happened to a people far away, but is something that happened to loved ones of very specific individuals that survive today in our community of Nashville.