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Cummins Station

Located on nine acres of land in Nashville’s Central Business District, Cummins Station is a redevelopment of an iconic, historic property. Built in 1907 as a 500 foot long series of warehouses near Union Station, Maxwell House coffee and some of the Southeast’s most important dry goods suppliers, garment manufacturers and grocers once called it home. The five story, 3.9 million cubic foot building was repurposed by Manuel Zeitlin Architects and now serves as a truly unique community of 140 diverse businesses including restaurants, offices, retail, music industry and recreational space including a community garden and the Track 13 Gallery. Many of the original building features remain in-tact and have been juxtaposed with modern amenities and street-side retail access. Tenants cite the uniqueness of the building’s interior as a way that each individual space can have its own identity, a “calling card” of sorts. Unlike new class A office spaces, no floor at Cummins Station is the same; interior storefronts are all distinctive.