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Bungalow House Addition

Located in the historic Belmont area just a few yards off Belmont Boulevard, this project is an addition/renovation to a 1920’s bungalow.  The home owners – a pair of local musicians – wanted to add a studio, expand their living space, and add a master suite in addition to renovating their existing home.  Along with their programmatic criteria, the clients also wanted the addition to reflect their modern taste.  The design challenge then became how to juggle the historic nature of the existing home and surrounding neighborhood with the clients’ desire for a contemporary building. 


The built design incorporates a modern addition that is complimentary in scale and proportion to the existing bungalow:  it is massed and located in a way so it is not visible from the street.  The public face of the house therefore retains its historic charm, and the private back-of-house addition fulfills the clients’ desire for a modern building.