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Bare Bones Butcher

Located in The Nations neighborhood in Nashville, TN Bare Bones Butcher provides an inviting space for meat and food connoisseurs. Along with an area for a whole animal butchery, the MZA design also includes a bar and dining area where a light lunch service and a well curated selection of beers is served in the small 1,600sf space.

Upon entering the shop there is a large window into the cold prep room where all the meat is prepared, providing an interactive experience for patrons. This is framed by custom steel shelving where a selection of dry goods, local bread, and produce are displayed. MZA worked with several local makers to bring the design to life. The steel frame was fabricated by Ferrin Ironworks. This frame also houses the custom lighting provided by Southern Lights Electric. All the furniture in the space was custom designed in collaboration with 5 String Furniture. Interior finishes and lighting were selected by MZA to bring forth a hint of the old-time butcher shops. I Saw the Sign worked with MZA on this concept with hand painted graphics for the interior and exterior, of which gives the location a very eye-catching element along 51st Avenue.